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PS™ Pneumatic
Bottle Capper

PS™ Bottle Cappers tighten screw and lug caps from 10mm to 130mm in diameter. They are an outstanding combination of everything you would want in a hand-held capping machine. They are simple to operate, quiet, comfortable to use, and provide outstanding repeatable torque accuracy. The torque output is easily adjusted by turning an external torque dial with your fingers. PS™ Capping Machines run on compressed air at 90 psi.

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PS Pneumatic Bottle Capper

PS Pneumatic Bottle Capper
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Key Features

  • Tightens Caps from 10mm - 130mm
  • Torque Range 0 - 200 inch lbs.
  • Push-to-Start
  • Bottle Capper Automatically Shuts Off the Instant the Cap is Tight
  • Outstanding Repeatable Torque Accuracy
  • External Torque Adjustment Dial
  • Reversible - Can be Used as a De-Capper
  • Quick Change Chuck
  • Quiet and Comfortable to Use
  • Pneumatic Operation
  • Air Requirements: 90 PSI @ 3.0CFM
  • CE mark The PS Pneumatic Bottle Capper is CE Marked (CE Certified)


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you thanks. The PS Capping Machines are outstanding and the support your team provided was just as stellar. Tell your folks how great they are for producing such a great product.

Donnie Freeman, Syngenta
St. Gabriel, Louisiana  USA

How It Works

The PS™ Bottle Capper is simple to operate. Simply lower the capper down onto the cap to be tightened and give a gentle push down, the machine takes care of the rest.

The Right Choice in a Hand-Held Capper

PS Capping Machines provide better torque accuracy and are more comfortable to use than other hand-held capping machines.

Custom Built for You

We will custom build your PS™ Bottle Capper to optimize its performance with your caps and bottles - and it will still ship in 1 or 2 business days.

Free Testing Service

Place your mind at ease about your important purchase. Take advantage of our free testing service to confirm that the bottle capper you are interested in is perfectly suited for your caps and bottles.

Need to Tighten Large Caps

Our PS™ PowerCap Package will allow you to tighten your large caps with ease & precision.

Capping in a Clean Environment

Choose accessories for your PS™ Bottle Capper that will allow it to comply with with your clean room requirements.