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PST-100 Capping Machine Support Stand

Constructed of 304 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance. The column of the stand is 42 inches high and the arm is 39 inches long.

The trolley glides freely along the arm and the arm can swivel 360 degrees about the column. The gliding action of the trolley and swiveling action of the arm allow for excellent freedom of movement and enables the operator to cap over a large area. The stand also makes for easy mounting and organizing of the capping machine, capper balancer and air hoses.

Price when purchased with a PS Bottle Capper: $200
To complete purchase please continue to Package 2 on the PS Bottle Capper Pricing Page.

Price if purchased separately: $250 Buy Now

Bench Clamp

The stainless steel bench Clamp allows you to fasten the PST-100 Capping Machine Support Stand to your table without screwing the base of the stand directly into your table.

Price: $39 Buy Now

Bench clamp for the pneumatic bottle capper stand

Bench Clamp

PS PowerCap Package

A hand held capping machine becomes very difficult and fatiguing to hold when tightening large caps, greater than 70mm in diameter.

By design, the operator of a hand-held capping machine has to hold the capping machine still during the capping process. As a result, when the machine is applying the required torque to tighten a cap, the operator has to exert an equal amount of torque in the opposite direction to prevent the machine from rotating during the capping process.

Holding a hand-held capping machine is not at all difficult when tightening small or medium sized caps, but for large caps, it becomes quite difficult. Large caps require a lot of torque to be properly tightened, so the operator has to exert a lot of force to hold the machine still.

We developed the PS PowerCap Package for customers that would like to use a hand-held capping machine to tighten large caps. The PowerCap Package enables the operator to tighten large caps comfortably and ergonomically.

The PS PowerCap Package includes the PST-100 Capping Machine Support Stand and TSA-100 Torque Stabilizing Arm. Both the support stand and stabilizing arm are constructed of 304 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.

The stabilizing arm attaches to the column of the support stand. The stabilizing arm holds the PS Capping Machine still during the capping process so the operator does not have to. It eliminates 100% of the twisting torque generated during the capping process, protecting the operator’s fingers, hands, wrists and arms from repetitive strain.

The 32 inch long torque stabilizing arm provides 16 inches of telescopic travel. This allows the operator to cap bottles as close as 16 inches to the column and up to 32 inches away from the column. The torque stabilizing arm also swivels 240° about the column further increasing the freedom of movement of the capping machine allowing the operator to cap over a large area.

To complete purchase please continue to Package 3 on the PS Bottle Capper Pricing Page.

Lever Activated Bottle Gripping Base

The Lever Activated Base perfectly centers the bottle in preparation for capping and holds the bottle to prevent it from spinning during the capping process. The four continuously adjustable grippers can be set to center and hold any bottle regardless of its shape.

The Lever Activated Base is particularly well suited for use with very short or narrow bottles. Very short containers are difficult to hold during the capping process. There is very little space for the operator’s hand to safely hold the container without being too close to the cap when the machine is tightening it. The Lever Activated Base holds the bottle firmly and allows the operator to remove their hands from the capping area while the cap is being tightened, enhancing the safety of the capping process.

The Lever Activated Base works with bottles up to 6.5 inches in diameter. It is constructed of 304 stainless steel and hard coat anodized aluminum for outstanding corrosion resistance.

Price: $775 Buy Now

Machined Chucks

Machined chucks are custom made to fit the rib pattern of a particular cap. They fit the cap in the same way as a socket fits a nut. Machined chucks provide extreme gripping power that make them very useful for certain types of challenging jobs. A few of which are described below.

  • De-Capping
    The vast majority of de-capping jobs require a machined chuck. In most cases a standard chuck cannot provide enough gripping power to remove a tight cap. Generally what occurs is that the liner simply skids over the cap without removing it.

    Machined chucks grip a cap so perfectly that it makes the removal of even the tightest of caps very easy.
  • Clean Room & Sterile Environments
    The urethane or white rubber inserts within a standard chuck will wear slowly over time and can occasionally leave very small amounts of urethane or white rubber particles on the caps they tighten. These particles may not be allowed in certain clean, sterile or controlled environments.

    Machined chucks are ideal for clean environments since they do not wear and do not create particles.

    Machined chucks also improve torque accuracy and never have to be replaced.
  • Extreme Torque Applications
    When a cap has to be applied with an unusual or extreme level of tightness, a machined chuck is the perfect solution. A machined chuck can always apply as much torque as is necessary and will do so quite easily. Machined chucks also improve torque accuracy and never have to be replaced.

Machined chucks cannot be purchased through our shopping cart. Please contact us to order.

Machined Chucks

Machined Chucks

standard chuck with urethane liner for use with bottleing machines

Standard Chuck
with Urethane Liner

Oil Free Pneumatic Motors

Fit your PS™ Bottle Capper with an optional oil free pneumatic motor. Just as the name suggests, our oil free pneumatic motors do not require lubrication.

Standard pneumatic motors cannot be used in some clean environments because they expel a tiny amount of lubrication in their exhaust. Although the amount of oil they expel is so minimal that it is almost imperceptible, it is still not suitable for some clean room environments. Since our oil free motors require no lubrication, the exhaust air exiting the capping machine is as clean and dry as the compressed air going into it.

Oil Free Pneumatic Motors cannot be purchased through our shopping cart. Please contact us to order.

Exhaust Capture™

The Exhaust Capture™ feature is an optional enclosure that captures the exhaust air expelled by the capping motor and channels it directly into an air hose. The exhaust air then travels through the air hose to where it can be expelled in a way that will not adversely affect the clean environment.

Please see the picture to the right. The incoming compressed air travels through the coil air hose. The exhaust air travels through the straight air hose.

The Exhaust Capture™ feature can be installed on both our standard and oil free pneumatic motors.

The Exhaust Capture feature cannot be purchased through our shopping cart. Please contact us to order.

PS Bottle Capper with Exhaust Capture for Clean Environments

PS Capping Machine With Oil Free Motor & Exhaust Capture

The ST™ Cap Tightener

If you are capping in a clean environment you should consider our ST™ cap tightener. Constructed of 316 stainless steel, the ST™ cap tightener is ideal for use in laboratory, pharmaceutical, sanitary and and sterile packaging environments. 316 Stainless steel is the material of choice for these environments because it is easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, and is chemically resistant to the cleaning agents commonly used in these environments.

In addition to their 316 stainless steel construction, ST™ bottle cappers include other features that make them ideal for use in clean settings. The internal components of the ST™ capper are lubricated with NSF-H1 Food Grade Certified lubricants. The Kinex Exhaust Capture System™ is integrated into the design of every ST™ capping machine. As an option, the ST™ capping machine can be built with one of our oil free pneumatic motors. For more information on the ST™ cap tightener, please follow this link.