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PS™ Pneumatic
Bottle Capper

How It Works

To cap a bottle, the operator places a cap loosely onto the bottle and then places the bottle onto the Anti-Rotation Mat which is positioned under the PS Bottle Capper. The bottle is now ready to be capped. (Using the Anti-Rotation Mat is optional. For more information on the Anti-Rotation Mat, please scroll to the bottom of this page.)

The PS Capping Machine is a push-to-start machine. The operator lowers the PS Bottle Capper with attached chuck down onto the cap to be tightened. When the chuck contacts the cap, the operator gives a gentle push down which starts the machine.

The PS Bottle Capper tightens the cap in less than a second and then automatically shuts off; it is like a pulse. The capper shutting off signals the operator that the cap is tight. The operator then allows the Capper Balancer to raise the machine back to the starting position ready for the next cap

PS Pneumatic Bottle Capper

Capper Balancer Suspending
PS Capping Machine

The Role of the Capper Balancer

The Capper Balancer suspends the PS Bottle Capper over the bottle and cap to be tightened. The Balancer is spring loaded so the capper feels weightless in the hands of the operator. The Balancer allows the operator to lower the capper down onto the cap with very little effort. After the cap has been tightened, the Balancer raises the capper back to its initial position with no assistance from the operator.

The Capper Balancer is included in the purchase price of the PS Capping Machine at no additional charge.

Bottle Capper Spring Balancer

Capper Balancer

The Role of the Anti-Rotation Mat

With its adhesive backing, the Anti-Rotation Mat can be adhered to your work surface. The operator places the container to be capped onto the mat in preparation for capping.

The Anti-Rotation Mat has a high friction surface that helps prevent the bottle from rotating during the capping process. Holding the bottle is very easy and only the slightest of effort is required.

The Anti-Rotation Mat is included in the purchase price of the PS Bottle Capper at no additional charge.

Bottle Capper Anti Rotation Mat

Anti-Rotation Mat