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ES™ Table Top
Capping Equipment

How It Works

ES Table Top™ Capping Machine with Standard Base

To cap a bottle, place a cap loosely onto the bottle and then place the bottle onto the base of the machine so it is resting against the backstop. The bottle is now well centered under the capping motor and ready to be capped.

The operator will pull down on the capping lever. The capping lever lowers the capping motor with attached chuck down onto the cap to be tightened.

When the chuck contacts the cap, the chuck is pushed up slightly into the capping motor which starts the motor. The capping motor tightens the cap in less than a second and then automatically shuts off; it is like a pulse.

When the capping motor shuts off, it signals the operator that the cap is tight. The operator then allows the spring loaded capping lever to raise the capping motor back to the starting position. The perfectly capped bottle can now be removed from the base of the machine.

The ES Table Top Capping Machine runs on standard electricity with a direct plug-in cord.