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ES™ Electric
Bottle Cappers


ES Bottle Cappers are very simple to operate and comfortable to use. They provide outstanding repeatable torque accuracy on screw and lug type caps from 10mm – 70mm in diameter. The torque output is easily adjusted by turning an external torque dial with your fingers. Featuring a direct plug-in cord, ES™ Capping Machines run quietly on standard electricity, making them ideal for use in places without access to compressed air.

ES Electric Bottle Capper

ES Hand Held Bottle Capper
ES Bottle Capper video

Key Features

  • Tightens Caps From 10mm - 70mm
  • Torque Range 2 - 45 inch lbs.
  • Runs on Standard Electricity
  • Direct Plug-in Power Cord
  • Precise Torque Accuracy
  • External Torque Adjustment Dial
  • Push-to-Start
  • Reversible - Can Be Used as a De-Capper
  • Quick Change Chuck
  • Anti-Rotation Mat Prevents the Bottle From Rotating
  • Easy to Setup and Use
  • CE mark The ES Bottle Capper
    is CE marked (CE Certified)
  • Available in:
    110 ~ 120 volt, 50/60 Hz. AC
    220 ~ 240 volt, 50/50 Hz. AC


All of our capping was done by hand and after a complaint from several staff about hand strain, I searched the web for a capping supplier.

I am delighted we found Kinex as your product has allowed us to increase production volumes and remove any complaints from staff about hand strain.

Your staff was attentive and guided us through the process to identify what we needed to assist our operation. Once the order was placed the ES capper arrived quickly and within a day my staff were telling me it was the best piece of equipment we have ever purchased.

Well done to all at Kinex Cappers.

Philip Trinder, DTK Water
Northampton,   United Kingdom

How It Works

The ES Capping Machine is simple to operate. Simply lower the capper down onto the cap to be tightened and give a gentle push down, the machine takes care of the rest.

Free Testing Service

Place your mind at ease about your important purchase.  Take advantage of our free testing service to confirm that the capping machine you are interested in is perfectly suited for your caps and bottles

The Right Choice in an Electric Hand-Held Capper

ES Capping Machines provide better torque accuracy and are more comfortable to use than other hand-held capping machines.

Built Specifically For You - Backed By Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Every step is taken to ensure that your ES Capping Machine is perfectly suited for your specific task, production environment, and the caps and bottles you work with.