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Semi-Automatic Bench-Top Capping Machine

SA™ Benchtop
Capping Machine

Benchtop Bottle cappers provide outstanding repeatable torque.

The SA™ Capping Machine tightens screw-on caps from 10mm to 130mm in diameter. SA™ capping machines provide precision torque control and repeatable torque accuracy. This ensures that the caps it applies are tightened properly, putting an end to the problems associated with leaking bottles.

The SA™ benchtop capping machine is designed to eliminate the strain and fatigue of hand capping. This Kinex SA™ capping equipment is a customer favorite for a very simple reason - it makes capping easy.

Capping machines are frequently used in industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, e-liquid, cosmetic, food and beverage.  The Kinex SA™ capping machine applies a wide variety of plastic and metal threaded caps such as tamper evident caps, dropper caps, push-pull caps, yorker caps, chubby gorilla caps, unicorn caps, twist top caps, sports caps and many more, onto plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal containers. 


SA Capping Machine

SA Benchtop Capping Machine provides outstanding repeatable torque accuracy
SA Benchtop Bottle Capper video

Key Features

  • Tightens caps from 10mm - 130mm
  • Torque range 2 - 125 inch lbs
  • Pneumatic Operation
  • Air Requirements 90 - 125 PSI @4.5CFM
  • Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • External Torque Adjustment Dial
  • Reversible - can be used as a De-capper
  • Quick Change Chuck
  • Anti-Rotation Base
  • CE mark The SA Capping Machine is CE marked (CE Certified)


Makes Capping Effortless

The SA™ Capping Machine performs all of the functions and exerts all of the effort involved in the capping process so you do not have to.

How it Works

The SA™Capping Machine is easy to use. Simply place the bottle on the base of the machine and depress the foot pedal, the machine takes care of the rest.

Free Testing Service

Place your mind at ease about your important purchase. Take advantage of our free testing service to confirm that the capping machine you are interested in is perfectly suited for your caps and bottles.

Simple to Use - Changeover Without Tools

All adjustments are made by hand, making changeover from one type of cap and bottle to the next fast and easy.

Capping In a Clean Environment?

Choose accessories for your capping equipment that will allow it to comply with your clean room requirements.