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Tightening Large Caps

When we discuss large caps we are in general referring to caps ranging from 70mm - 130mm in diameter. Large caps require a great deal of torque to be properly tightened.

There are two challenges when dealing with large caps. First, you need a machine that can generate the high amount of torque required to tighten a large cap. Second, the machine should be ergonomically designed so that the high amount of torque generated during the capping process is not transmitted to the operator.

Three of our capping machines have been specifically engineered to work with large caps; they are listed below.

Tightening Large Caps with a Kinex Bottle Capper

SA-2000 Capping Machine

The SA-2000 Capping Machine is a great choice for tightening large caps because it makes capping effortless. It performs all of the functions and exerts all of the effort involved in the capping process so you do not have to. The operator simply places the bottle onto the base of the machine and depresses the foot pedal; the machine takes care of the rest.

Fitted with a powerful pneumatic gear motor, the SA-2000 tightens the largest of caps with ease and precision.

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PS PowerCap Package

A hand held capping machine becomes very difficult and fatiguing to hold when tightening large caps, greater than 70mm in diameter.

By design, the operator of a hand-held capping machine has to hold the capping machine still during the capping process. As a result, when the machine is applying the required torque to tighten a cap, the operator has to exert an equal amount of torque in the opposite direction to prevent the machine from rotating during the capping process.

Holding a hand-held capping machine is not at all difficult when tightening small or medium sized caps, but for large caps, it becomes quite difficult. Large caps require a lot of torque to be properly tightened, so the operator has to exert a lot of force to hold the machine still.

We developed the PS PowerCap Package for customers that would like to use a hand-held capping machine to tighten large caps. The PowerCap Package enables the operator to tighten large caps comfortably and ergonomically.

The PS PowerCap Package includes the PST-100 Capping Machine Support Stand and TSA-100 Torque Stabilizing Arm. Both the support stand and stabilizing arm are constructed of 304 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.

The stabilizing arm attaches to the column of the support stand. The stabilizing arm holds the PS Capping Machine still during the capping process so the operator does not have to. It eliminates 100% of the twisting torque generated during the capping process, protecting the operator’s fingers, hands, wrists and arms from repetitive strain.

The 32 inch long torque stabilizing arm provides 16 inches of telescopic travel. This allows the operator to cap bottles as close as 16 inches to the column and up to 32 inches away from the column. The torque stabilizing arm also swivels 240° about the column further increasing the freedom of movement of the capping machine allowing the operator to cap over a large area.

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PumpCap™ Capping Machine

Perhaps the most versatile semi-automatic capping machine ever made, the PumpCap can tighten the largest of caps with ease. The patent pending four wheel drive design utilized by the PumpCap generates extraordinary grip on the cap which enables the PumpCap to drive an extraordinary amount of torque onto the cap with outstanding repeatability.

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