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ES™ Electric
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The Right Choice in an Electric Hand-Held Capping Machine

ES™ Capping Machines provide better torque accuracy and are more comfortable to use than other electric hand-held capping machines.

Superior Torque Accuracy

A Superior Clutch for Superior Torque Accuracy

ES Capping Machines utilize a highly accurate clutch that will automatically shut off the capping motor the instant the correct amount of torque has been applied to the cap. This translates into unsurpassed torque accuracy and repeatability in a hand-held capping machine.

There are many electric hand-held capping machines you can purchase that use slip clutches. Just as the name suggests, a slip clutch slips and vibrates when the cap reaches the output torque. Slip clutches are not as accurate as the clutch used in the ES Capping Machine and, in many cases, they provide poor torque accuracy and repeatability.

The Correct Torque Output for Your Caps

Make sure that the capping machine you choose can apply the correct amount of torque to properly tighten your caps. There are many electric capping machines that are sold that do not have an appropriate torque range for the cap you will be tightening. The output torque of these machines is frequently too low to tighten anything but relatively small caps.

We will make sure that your ES Capping Machine will provide you with the perfect output torque range for your caps. Your order will be carefully examined to ensure that your ES Capping Machine is perfectly suited for the caps and bottles you work with. Don’t worry about a long lead time; your order will still ship within 1 – 2 business days.

The reference guide to the right contains application torque guidelines for the most common cap sizes. Use this chart to approximate the correct torque range for your particular cap and bottle. Be sure to choose a capping machine that can provide you with the correct amount of torque for your cap and bottle.

Please note that the reference guide is a general guide only; the proper application torque for your cap may be different from the specifications listed in the chart. Your cap and bottle vendor is the best source for you to attain the actual application torque specifications for your cap and container.

Application Torque Guide

* Torque is measured as inch.lbs.

Cap Size (MM)
Onto a Plastic Container
Onto a Glass Container
15 7-9 6-9
18 8-10 7-10
20 10-12 8-12
22 11-14 9-14
24 12-15 10-15
28 13-17 11-17
33 16-20 13-20
38 19-23 15-23
43 21-26 17-26
45 23-28 18-28
48 24-29 19-29
53 27-32 21-32
58 29-35 23-35
63 31-38 25-38
70 35-42 28-42
83 41-49 34-49
89 44-53 36-53
100 48-60 40-60
110 55-65 45-65
120 60-72 48-72

Superior User Comfort

No Vibration

ES Capping Machines automatically shut off the instant the cap becomes tight, resulting in unsurpassed user comfort in a hand-held capping machine.

Capping machines that use a slip clutch will remain on until the operator releases the lever. During the time that the cap is already tight but the operator has not yet released the lever, the slip clutch will slip continuously. The slipping action of the clutch generates vibration and also prolongs the operator's exposure to the torque generated during the capping process.

No Levers To Push

When operating an ES Capping Machine, the operator simply has to provide a gentle push down on the machine to cap the bottle.

Many electric hand-held capping machines are lever start machines that require the operator to both depress a lever and push down on the machine. This is a less natural motion and is therefore less comfortable than only pushing down. Levers also create a pinch point. When working quickly or carelessly the fingers of the operator can be frequently pinched between the lever and the machine.

Quiet Operation

ES Capping Machines are very quiet to operate, producing only a sound level of between 58 - 63 dBA depending on which model you choose. Not only are they quiet when they are running, but they run only for an instant for each cap that they tighten.