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De-capping solutions that are ergonomic and comfortable for people to use.

Kinex™ Bottle
Capper Machines

De-capping solutions that are ergonomic and comfortable for people to use.


When we provide a de-capping solution to our customers we have two goals in mind. First, it must perform the de-capping function flawlessly. The second goal is equally important; the solution we provide must be an ergonomic solution, comfortable for your people to use. We know you do not want to replace one workplace safety issue with another.

Choosing the Correct Chuck to De-Cap Your Bottles

In most cases a standard chuck with urethane or white rubber chuck insert (liner) cannot provide enough gripping power to remove a tight cap. The liner simply skids over the cap without removing it.

For this reason, the vast majority of de-capping jobs require a machined chuck. Machined chucks are custom made to fit the rib pattern of a particular cap. The machined chuck we build for you will fit the features of your cap like a socket fits a nut, creating excellent gripping power and making the removal of even the highest release torque caps very easy.

While machined chucks are the best choice for the vast majority of decapping applications, a special type of machined chuck called a cap retaining machined chuck is useful for decapping applications in which the cap will be reapplied almost immediately after is has been removed. A cap retaining chuck is a machined chuck that is designed with additional features that allow it to grasp and retain the cap it is designed to work with. When decapping a container using a cap retaining chuck, the cap remains in the chuck after it has been removed from the container. This makes it ideal for use when you want to reapply the cap shortly after it has been removed.

Standard Chuck
With Urethane Liner

machined chucks

Machined Chucks

Cap Retaining Chuck

Cap Retaining Chuck

Choosing the Right Capping Machine to De-Cap Your Bottles

All of our capping machines work very well as de-capping machines. The best model to choose for your particular de-capping application depends on the release torque of your cap. The release torque is the amount of force required to remove the cap from the bottle.

If the release torque of the cap is low to moderate, any of our capping machines will be well suited for you. If a high amount of torque is required to remove the cap from the bottle, then you should choose one of our bench top capping machines, or our PS™ PowerCap Capping Machine which is a hand held capping machine suitable for the job.

A hand-held capping machine becomes very difficult and fatiguing to hold in high release torque applications. By design, the operator of a hand-held capping machine has to hold the capping machine still during the decapping process. As a result, when the machine is producing the required torque to remove the cap, the operator has to exert an equal amount of torque in the opposite direction to prevent the machine from rotating during the decapping process.

Bench top capping machines are the better choice when working with high release torque caps because the capping motor is mounted to the frame of the capping machine. As a result, the capping machine absorbs all of the torque generated during the decapping process instead of the operator.

If a hand-held capping machine is a better fit for your production environment than a bench top style capping machine, then our PS™ PowerCap Package is the right choice for you. The PS™ PowerCap Package includes the Kinex Torque Stabilizing Arm. The Stabilizing Arm holds the PS™ Capping Machine still during the de-capping process so the operator does not have to. It eliminates 100% of the twisting torque generated during the de-capping process, protecting the operator’s fingers, hands, wrists and arms from repetitive strain. The PS™ PowerCap Package will enable you to remove your high release torque caps comfortably and ergonomically.

SA Bottle Capping Machine

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