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ES™ Table Top
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Fast and Easy Changeover

Below is a summary of changeover tasks and how they are completed..

Changeover to a shorter or taller bottle

Raise or lower the capper by turning the hand wheel at the top of the ES Table Top Capper. Turning clockwise raises the capper, counter clockwise lowers it.

Bottle capper height adjustment

Adjusting the torque

Quickly change the torque output of the capping motor by rotating the external torque dial with your fingers. Turn the dial to the right to increase the torque output; turn the dial to the left to decrease the torque output.

Bottle capper torque adjustment

Changeover to a larger or smaller cap

Inserting or removing a chuck is completed in a matter of seconds. To remove a chuck, loosen the two set screws that fasten the chuck to the drive shaft. To insert a chuck, simply slide it onto the drive shaft and tighten the two set screws to lock it into place.

easily change to a larger or smaller chuck

Changeover to a wider or narrower bottle

The Table Top Capping Machine with Standard Base has a “V” shaped backstop designed to align the bottle for capping. The Backstop slides forward and back to accommodate bottles of different widths.

The Backstop can be quickly converted to work with either short or tall containers. The raised configuration is best for taller containers. By easily removing the risers, the Backstop can be laid flat which is perfect for short containers.

Loosen the thumb screws on the Backstop which will allow the Backstop to slide forward or back. Align the bottle so it is centered under the capping motor. Slide the Backstop against the bottle and tighten the thumb screws. Your bottles will now be properly centered under the capping motor and ready to be capped.

backstop flat for short bottles

Backstop - Flat
For Short Bottles

Backstop raised for taller bottles

Backstop - Raised
For Taller Bottles