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Shamus Jones

Below is a link to a CBS Sunday Morning News story that focuses on the success of Shamus Jones and the company that he started, Brooklyn Brine. Brooklyn Brine has been a customer of Kinex Cappers since 2010.

Here is what Shamus has to say about his SA-2000 Kinex Capping Machine:

The SA-2000 Capping Machine from Kinex has been the biggest game changer for our production crew. Our wrists can only thank Kinex and crew for their great innovation and customer service.

Shamus Jones, Brooklyn Brine
Brooklyn, NY USA

Here is the link: (Our favorite part is the 40-42 second mark when the SA Capping Machine makes its brief but powerful appearance)


More Testimonials for the SA Capping Machine

We love our Kinex capping machine. This wonderful machine has allowed us to increase production and saved our hands from countless blisters caused by hand tightening caps. Just as important, the customer service is outstanding. The one issue we had was handled quickly and every question has been answered quickly and thoroughly. We highly recommend this company and its products.

Amy Furman, MH Labs, LLC
Wyoming, Michigan, USA

We specialize in medium to large run liquid manufacturing with multiple large custom machines. Since our model switched to more larger sized bottles and applications, instead of getting new $100k+ machines, we decided to go with SA Benchtop Capping Machine. One of the smartest decisions ever. These machines run almost as fast as our large custom capping machines with only one operator. With just one call, Kinex Cappers knew exactly what I needed and in less than 1 week we had our new machine up and running & making us money. Amazing machine and outstanding customer service. I never have to look anywhere else for any of my capping needs. Thanks again Kinex!

Steven Mazurek, Eclipse Liquids
Aliso Viejo, California, USA

We have been using your cap-screwing machine (the SA-2000 benchtop) for over a year and a half, and I can say that we appreciate it very much. It was purchased primarily to alleviate the physical impact of screwing our 70 mm caps manually, and it has met the challenge admirably. It is easy to use and it looks good.

Nous utilisons depuis un an et demi votre machine à visser les couvercles (le modèle d’établi SA-2000), et je peux dire que nous l'apprécions énormément. Je l'avais achetée dans le but de nous soulager du vissage manuel de nos couvercles de 70 mm, et elle atteint très bien son objectif. Elle est facile à utiliser et elle est belle.

Marc Paré, Société de Marie, Mère de l'Église
St-Joachim-de-Shefford, Quebec, Canada

We are a global diagnostic device manufacturer, and in our San Diego facility, currently operate multiple shifts in order to produce a wide array of products. Our annual production quantities are in the tens of millions of units and continues to grow, so it’s important for us to utilize resources very efficiently. We recently expanded our product offering to include a family of devices with numerous components packaged in bottles of various sizes. Very soon after starting production, two primary issues became clear – Operator fatigue from repetitive motion and Cap Torque consistency. These were both solved immediately by using an SA-2000 Capping Machine on our production Floor. The flexibility and robustness of the design has allowed us to use a single setup for multiple products, and the monitoring results show that our process can now be considered highly capable statistically. We are extremely happy with the overall experience as far as the Product Quality, Ease of Use and Overall Value!

Craig Merrill, Sekisui Diagnostics
San Diego, California, USA

To all at Kinex,

Just wanted to drop a note to let you all know what a joy it is to work with you guys. I couldn’t be more impressed with the sales experience as well as the products that I have purchased. I have purchased a variety of pneumatic capping machines from you including the PumpCap, an SA BenchTop, and handheld PS Capping Machines. The equipment design, build and quality are all first class!

Thanks again to all the Kinex team!

Danny Stoner, PRADCO Outdoor Brands
Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

Sunja's Oriental Foods has been in business for over twenty years. I believe that we have dealt with Kinex for over ten of those years and our experiences with Kinex have been outstanding. When we grew enough to upgrade to a capper, Kinex tailored our SA capping machine to our specific needs and instructed us on how we were to use it and to maintain it. Their people are knowledgeable and very helpful and their pricing has always been extremely fair. I would recommend Kinex to anyone as they are very good at what they do!

Dave Hayden, Sunja's Oriental Foods
Waterbury, Vermont, USA

We love the new SA Capping Machine with Foot Pedal Activated Bottle Gripping Base, it's easy to use, took 30 minutes to setup, and saves our wrists! We've used it every day for 3 months and had no trouble at all.

Kinex was great to work with when choosing and ordering a capper. They helped me understand the full operation of the machine. We had an especially high level of torque and Kinex worked with us to determine how to make the machine work with our needs. The people were great to work with and they make a great product!

David Lovano, Sika – US
Marion, OH, USA

We run an assembly and packaging company in California. One of our main accounts is assembling drip irrigation fittings. We were originally assembling these fittings by hand. About 2 years ago, we purchased our first Kinex SA Benchtop Capping Machine. The Kinex Capping Machine instantly doubled our daily production. The Kinex Capper is quick to set-up and allows us to assemble several different size parts without any down time. This has given us a HUGE advantage over our competition. Because of the Kinex Capping Machine’s benefits and reliability, we’ve just purchased another one to add to our collection

Nate Perry, Central Valley Assembly and Packaging, Inc.
Fresno, California, USA

We just run the heck out of our SA Capping Machine and we can’t wreck the thing. It keeps right on going. It’s been a real great little machine. We pack 25000-30000 cases per year. You guys are wonderful to work with.

Stephen Jordan, Hamel Maple Syrup
Hamel, Minnesota USA

Our research team is based in Northern NSW Australia. We approached Kinex for a novel solution to an issue of ensuring glass ExetainerTM vials had consistent and perfect cap tension. These vials are pre-evacuated in our laboratory in preparation for Greenhouse Gas sample collection. As such the cap tension needs to be just-so to ensure the rubber septum under the cap is not distorted but is tight enough to retain a vacuum. This task had been done by hand but with a weekly turn-over of several thousand vials an OH&S issue soon developed.

Once approached with my enquiry the team at Kinex enthusiastically responded to the challenge, accepting my offer to send them a number of sample vials to trial on their equipment. Within days of receipt of the sample vials, I received a series of video demonstrations along with a detailed recommendation from the team on which equipment they had trialed and what they believed would be most suitable. We were immediately impressed with their commitment and proceeded to place an order for the recommended capping machine & configuration.

Our SA-1000 pneumatically operated Semi-Automatic Bench-top Capping Machine with dual push button activated bottle gripping base was delivered promptly and in perfect condition. It was incredibly easy to install and calibrate and has now performed faultlessly for over 18months, processing several thousand vials per week with zero failure. We have found consumables – namely white rubber chuck-inserts to be reasonably priced and readily available. There have been no further OH&S incidents and our quality control is assured.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the products and services offered by Kinex Cappers to any individual or organization based on my experience.

John Rust, NSW Department of Primary Industries
New South Wales, Australia

As a humble owner of a small operation, our goal is to reach out and please all our customers. And by running a smooth operation, the supply would be able to meet the demand or even more. To achieve this feat, machinery would have to been implemented to ease the strain on our employees.

For example, I purchased a no name capper online. The price was cheap for the amazing features it claimed to accomplish. But upon receiving it, problems upon problems began to mount and take its toll on my employees affecting production time. The final straw occurred when the motor finally gave out after a couple months.

After doing some research, I came upon the Kinex Cappers PS Pneumatic Capper. And of course I was skeptical about the amazing testimonials that people have written. I called customer service and spoke with Shannon who answered ALL my questions with the utmost respect. Confidently, I purchased the capper and immediately utilized it in my production.

The capper exceeded the expectations of myself and employees as it performed beyond its specifications. Thank you Kinex for eliminating one more headache in the world of business.

Steve K., Stimulus Eliquids
Los Angeles, California, USA

Superb SA-2000 Benchtop Capper! Superb customer service! Great price! Will definitely be back!

Mike Dirr, Purchasing Director, Niagara Lubricant
Buffalo, NY, USA

Our SA-2000 Kinex Capper has been a real workhorse. After torquing 100,000 caps a year for the past seven years, I would expect to see some wear. But the machine is still as mechanically sound as the day we bought it.

Tim Cole, Artel
Westbrook, Maine, USA

Our SA Capping Machine arrived today and we were positively surprised by the finished quality ( what a welding post !!! ), it works brilliant, is easy to use and it is just what we need to have in our production. Thank you, it is always nice to work with professionals like you and your team. We do have many visitors from Finnish food industry, and I will tell them about your company and how flexible it is to deal with you.

Reima Rönnqvist, Oy MakuNuotta Ab

We bought a Kinex SA-2000 capper one year ago. It works very well. The customer service from Kinex Cappers is the best I have ever encountered. The people I have dealt with really know their machines and the components.

Pat Murray, Wake Robin Fermented Foods, LLC
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

We were looking for an economical bench-top machine for screwing pharmaceutical closures onto bottles and suitable for use in both a laboratory and a clinical manufacturing environment. The Kinex SA-2000 has proven to be the perfect solution. It is easy to use, reliable and robust.

The customer support provided by Kinex is to be commended.

Peter Watts, Archimedes Development
Nottingham, United Kingdom

We are very happy with our SA-2000 Capping Machines. They have been a great improvement to what we have used in the past and your fast and efficient shipping service is second to none. Your machines are reliable and tighten each of our many different cap sizes perfectly. Keep going strong.Oded Lotan, Anna Lotan Ltd
Or Akiva, Israel

We have been using your SA Tabletop capper for 7 years now and are extremely pleased with its performance and reliability. Aside from following routine maintenance recommendations and liner replacements we have not incurred any downtime in production and the equipment looks and works as it did when we first bought it.

I highly recommend your fabulous "Made in the USA" Kinex equipment! You have in my opinion the best products in the industry.

Rob Chaput, Swirl-Away
Garson, Ontario, Canada

We are a leading company specializing in high quality, small-scale liquid processing equipment for laboratory & pilot applications. One of our specialties is the manufacture of Hygienic and Aseptic Filling machines. Kinex offers excellent capping machines which we frequently provide with our filling machines to customers with hygienic environments. The machines are very fast and accurate and close a large range of caps. The delivery times are quick and always on time. These factors, together with their very responsive employees, make it a pleasure to work with Kinex.

Patrick Hoogendoorn, OMVE Netherlands B.V.
The Netherlands

We have purchased multiple SA-1000 capping machines from Kinex Cappers and have been extremely happy with both the product and the service. The machines have proved reliable and do exactly as they are described. Despite being on the other side of the world the Kinex team has always been approachable, practical, helpful and quick to respond. As we grow, we will be more than happy to purchase more capping machines from Kinex.

Andrew Holmes, Neogen Europe Ltd.
Scotland, United Kingdom

I would like to thank you for your support in my purchase of my SA-2010 capping machine. I can honestly say you have been the best company I have ever dealt with from my very first contact I made with you -- absolutely unbelievable the support service advice -- the total package -- could not ask for any more -- well done.

Mick Labbozzetta, Kyneton Olive Oil
Victoria, Australia

We would like to order another Kinex Capper. The original SA-1000 is working great, used daily and is a much adored piece of machinery.”

Bob Cudney, Hampton Research
Aliso Viejo, California USA

We have been using the Kinex SA Capping Machine for almost two months now in a very demanding and time limited working environment where every minute lost because of production disruptions could be the cause of our company losing a big contract with an important customer. During this stressful time, the SA Capping machine’s operational behavior was more than excellent. It proved itself worthy of every single dollar spent in this purchase!!

I highly recommend the Kinex SA Capping Machine model. It is undoubtedly trustworthy and value-adding (which is the most important thing at the end of the day.)

Dimitris Kokkinos, Safe n Beautiful PC
Athens, Greece