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The Kinex Cap-Rite™ Manual Cap Tightener is intended for manufacturers with relatively small production runs that require a high level of certified torque accuracy. It is ideal for shippers of hazardous materials that need to comply with DOT regulations, as well as medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that need to comply with strict torque specifications. The Cap-Rite™ is also a good choice for manufacturers that want to continue to manually tighten their caps but want to avoid product leakage and other quality problems that can result from inconsistent hand tightening.

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Cap-Rite Manual Cap Tightener

Cap-Rite Manual Cap Tightener is good for low production runs that need high torque accuracy
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Key Features

  • Outstanding torque accuracy of +/- 4%
  • Torque output is factory set and locked to your specification.
  • Includes a Certificate of Calibration
  • Available torque settings from 5 - 50 inch lbs.

Ergonomic Grip With Integrated Clutch

Cap-Rite Manual Capper

Custom Machined Chucks

Custom machined chucks for use with the Cap-Rite Cap Tightener

Torque Accuracy

The application torque of a Cap-Rite™ Manual Cap Tightener is factory set and locked to your specification. Available torque settings are from 5 - 50 inch lbs. The torque setting can be selected in 1 inch lbs. increments.

The Cap-Rite™ Manual Cap Tightener provides outstanding torque accuracy of +/- 4% which ensures that you will be applying the correct amount of torque to your cap every time. A certificate of calibration is included with your purchase.

How it Works

  • Place the Cap-Rite™ Manual Capper with attached machined chuck onto the cap to be tightened.
  • Turn the Ergonomic Grip by hand.
  • Upon reaching the specified torque, the clutch will release and reset which signals the operator to proceed to the next cap.

The Cap-Rite™ Manual Capper includes:

  • Ergonomic Grip with Integrated Clutch - Designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.
  • Machined Chuck - Machined chucks are custom made to fit the rib pattern of a particular cap. They fit the cap in the same way as a socket fits a nut.

    A machined chuck is required to tighten a cap with a Cap-Rite™ Manual Capper. A standard chuck with inserted liner cannot provide enough gripping power to properly tighten a cap that is applied manually.
  • Anti-Rotation Mat - With its adhesive backing, the Anti-Rotation Mat can be adhered to your work surface. The operator places the container to be capped onto the mat in preparation for capping. The Anti-Rotation Mat has a high friction surface that helps prevent the bottle from rotating during the capping process. Holding the bottle is very easy and only the slightest of effort is required.