In a previous blog article, we discussed the importance of knowing as much as you can about your caps, bottles, and production environment before purchasing a capping machine. But why is it so important to have all of this information? It is because there really isn’t such a thing as a “One Size Fits All” capping machine. When selecting a capping machine, seek out a capping machine supplier who can specifically build your capping machine to match your specific needs.

Be wary of selecting a supplier that only offers “off the shelf”, pre-built capping machines that are shipped without taking into consideration the particular requirements of all of your applications. At Kinex Cappers, we don’t have “off the shelf” solutions – we build each machine for a particular set of needs. When we receive an order for a capping machine, we will not just take one off of the shelf and ship it to you. We will custom build your machine to optimize its performance with your particular caps and bottles. Every order is carefully examined. All aspects of your job are considered to ensure that your bottle capper is not only perfectly suited for your caps and bottles, but also any unique requirements you may have. Your bottle capper will then be built to meet your specific requirements and tested. We will not ship your order until we are convinced that your bottle capper will work perfectly for you.