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Kinex Cappers, bottle capping machine manufacturer

Kinex Bottle Cappers
Capping Machine Specialists Since 1937

Benchtop and hand held bottle capping equipment

No Matter the Size or Shape of Your Cap
We Have the Perfect Capping Machine For You.

bottle capper machines tighten screw and lug type caps

We Are Dedicated to Your Complete Satisfaction

Kinex Cappers manufactures semi-automatic and hand-held capping machines and bottle cappers that tighten screw and lug type caps from 10mm to 130mm in diameter. With this specific focus we have developed the most complete line of semi-automatic and hand-held capping machines in the industry.

Through our many years of experience we have gained an unsurpassed expertise in our field. Our goal is simple - to do everything in our power to ensure that you are very pleased with your purchase. Our 30 day money back guarantee reinforces our commitment to this goal. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund. Our relationship with our customers is our most valued asset.

All Orders Ship within 2 Days - Most the Same Day

SA™ Bench Top
Capping Machine

  • Makes Capping Effortless
  • Outstanding Torque Accuracy & Repeatability
  • Tool-Less Changeover – All Adjustments are Made by Hand.
  • Tightens Caps from 10mm - 130mm

Capping Machines

  • Tightens Them All - Ordinary Caps to Trigger Spray Caps
  • Excellent Torque Accuracy & Repeatability
  • Close Your Pump Caps as Tight as You Would Like
  • Tightens Caps from 15mm - 130mm

ES™ Electric
Bottle Cappers

  • Easy to Set Up & Simple to Use
  • Excellent Torque Accuracy & Repeatability
  • Tightens Caps from 10mm to 70mm

PS™ Pneumatic
Bottle Capper

  • Everything You Would Want in a Hand-held Bottle Capper
  • Outstanding Repeatable Torque Accuracy from 2 - 200 inch lbs.
  • Tightens Caps from 10mm - 130mm

ES™ Table Top
Capping Equipment

  • Compact and Easy to Use
  • Runs on Standard Electricity with a Direct Plug-in Cord
  • Tightens Caps from 10mm - 70mm

Cap Tighteners

  • Outstanding Torque Accuracy of +/- 4%
  • Includes a Certificate of Calibration.
  • Torque Output is Set and Locked to Your Specification.

LS™ Pneumatic
Cap Tightener

  • Tighten Screw and Lug Type Caps from 24mm - 83mm
  • Good Torque Repeat-ability Ranging from 14 - 70 inch lbs.
  • Adjustable Clutch with External Torque Adjustment Dial

Bottle Capper

  • Tighten Screw and Lug Type Caps from 10mm - 125mm.
  • Comfortable to Operate
  • Runs On Standard Electricity with a Direct Plug-in Cord


Standard chucks

Standard Chucks

  • 16 sizes to fit caps from 10mm - 130mm in diameter

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Deep Well Chucks

Deep Well Chucks

  • For caps with external features such as dropper, mist spray, yorker & push-pull caps

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Machined Chucks

Machined Chucks

  • De-Capping
  • Clean Room Environments
  • Extreme Torque Applications

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Cap Retaining Chuck

Cap Retaining Chuck

  • De-cap and Re-cap operations
  • Pick and Place operations

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Chuck Inserts (Liners)

chuck inserts
  • From 40 - 83 Durometer

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