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PumpCap Capping Machines provide excellent repeatability

Tighten Your Pump Style Caps As Tight As You Like with Excellent Repeatability

The amount of torque a capping machine can apply to a cap is limited by the amount of grip that the capping machine can generate on the cap. The greater the grip, the greater the amount of torque the capping machine will be able to apply to the cap and the greater the torque repeatability you will be able to achieve on each cap.

We designed the patent pending four wheel drive system of the PumpCap™ Capping Machine to generate extraordinary grip on the cap. This enables the PumpCap to drive an extraordinary amount of torque onto the cap with outstanding repeatability.

Of course, just because the PumpCap can drive a great amount of torque onto a cap does not mean that you have to, it just provides you with more options. By rotating the external torque dial by hand, you can apply as little or as much torque onto your cap as you would like.

The gripping power of the PumpCap also allows it to be an outstanding de-capping machine. De-capping applications require a tremendous amount of gripping power to allow a machine to remove a tight cap from a bottle. The gripping power of the PumpCap allows it to perform the de-capping function quickly and easily.

Pumpcap bottle capping machine guide rod adjustment

Outstanding gripping power translates into exceptional torque generation and repeatability

PumpCap Bottle Capping Machine Torque Adjustment

External torque adjustment dial