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Drive Wheels

Drive wheels come in three sizes; 1.0 inch, 1.5 inches and 2.0 inches in diameter. The 1.0 inch drive wheels can tighten caps from 15mm – 130mm in diameter. They are ideally suited for tightening smaller caps, less than 25mm in diameter.

The 1.5 inch drive wheels can tighten caps ranging from 20mm – 130mm in diameter. They are ideally suited to tighten caps ranging from 20mm – 75mm in diameter. They are also the best choice for caps with very large pumps, such as trigger spray caps.

The 2.0 inch wheels can tighten caps from 25mm – 130mm in diameter. They are well suited for any cap size within this range.

The drive wheels are attached and removed from the drive shafts quickly and easily by depressing the quick release button at the bottom of each drive shaft.

PumpCap Capping Machine Drive Wheels


The tires are made of urethane (or rubber in the case of the T150A tires) and come in three sizes to fit the 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 inch drive wheels. The tire is inserted between the upper and lower hub of the drive wheel.

The tires grip the cap during the capping process. The grip generated by the tires is what allows the PumpCap to tighten a cap onto a bottle.

Tires will last for a very long time but they do eventually wear out. To replace a tire, simply unscrew the lower drive wheel hub from the upper drive wheel hub. Remove the old tire and insert a new tire. Then screw the two hubs back together.

Drive Wheel and Tire Selection Chart

How to use the selection chart.

The selection chart below contains the part numbers for each of the drive wheels and tires for the PumpCap™ Capping Machine. The chart is sorted by cap size.

To find the correct drive wheel and tire size for your cap, measure the outside diameter of your cap and then use the chart to locate the cap range that your cap falls within.

Your cap may fall within the cap range of more than one drive wheel size. When this occurs, choose the larger drive wheel size for optimal performance.

Cap Range
(in mm)
Drive Wheel
Tire (each)
15 - 130mm DW100
20 - 130mm DW150
25 - 130mm DW200